Daniela Ferdani Skulpturen

About Me


It was an encounter with the works of Auguste Rodin, during a period of study in Paris, which started her interest in sculpture. In her works the immense impression that Rodin had on her can still be felt.

Daniela was born in Zurich/Switzerland.
She studied classical sculpture mainly at «The Florence Academy of Art» in Florence. The sculptress, who has been very influenced by the French academies of the nineteenth century, believes in the psychology of forms.

Daniela works almost exclusively with female models and searches for the most suitable gesture to capture an emotion. Her works seem to be «living feelings» and the continuous research of movement, gives life to her sculptures.

«The power and beauty of the human body fascinates me. I hope my sculptures arouse in the public the emotions that I have portrayed.»

2006 Kunsthaus Glarus «Kunstschaffen Glarus und Linthgebiet»
2007 Villa Engi / GL
2011 @Peripher, Zürich
2014 Kunsthaus Glarus «Kunstschaffen Glarus und Linthgebiet»
2016 Art International Zurich, Kongresshaus Zürich
2018 Giardina, Messe Zürich
2019 Giardina, Messe Zürich
2019 Galerie Obertor, Chur